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  • Transgender Day of Visibility

    Friday, March 31, 2023 at 12:00 AM through April 01, 2023

    For many gender diverse people, a lack of representation, role models, and community can be isolating and make it difficult to feel proud in our identities.

    Trans Day of Visibility is a day of pride and celebration for gender diverse identity, achievements, and community. For a community that is too often underrepresented, TDOV is about reclaiming space and being visible on our terms.

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    What is #tdov?

    Trans Day of Visibility was started by activist Rachel Crandall in 2009 as a reaction to the lack of recognition of trans people, noting that the only well-known gender diversity centred day was the Trans Day of Remembrance, a day of mourning.

    TDOV was created as a day to acknowledge and celebrate living members of the transgender community. International Transgender Day of Visibility has been held on March 31 ever since!



  • Lesbian Visibility Day

    Wednesday, April 26, 2023 at 12:00 AM through April 27, 2023

    Lesbian Visibility Day is a day to raise awareness of the issues faced by LBTQ women, in workplaces, in culture and in health and wellbeing.

    Many of us think of visibility as representation in the media and popular culture. Being seen – often quite literally – can foster identity affirmation and a sense of self-worth . This isn’t just the case for media representation but is equally important in the areas of health (physical and mental) and community services. It’s crucial that lesbians are represented in these areas and experience ‘affirmative visibility’ in order to feel comfortable and safe accessing care, support and resources.

    Take a look at our resources from last year highlighting the health and wellbeing challenges faced by lesbians and other queer women, and what we can do to tackle them.

    More About Lesbian Visibility Day

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