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2020 Webinar Series: LGBTI Experiences of COVID-19

COVID-19 Impacts | The National LGBTI Health Alliance: 2020 Webinar Series

#WebinarWednesdays are an oppurtunity to come together and raise our awareness of the health and wellbeing issues for LGBTI experiences of COVID 19. We’ve asked some rather incredible community leaders to share their stories and their work with us. We hope to illuminate the health and wellbeing impacts of the pandemic for different LGBTI communities and individuals, and those who work with our communities.

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Next Webinar | 27 May 2020 | 3:30 PM AEST

Neil Fraser | Deputy CEO | POS Life NSW


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Episode 01 | 29 April 2020

An Intersex Interpretation of COVID19 in Theory and Practice

Morgan Carpenter | Intersex Human Rights Australia

Morgan Carpenter (co-executive director, Intersex Human Rights Australia) joins Daniel Comensoli (Policy Team, LGBTI Health Alliance) to discuss ethics in health, clinical practice and the particular impacts faced by people who may have an intersex variation.





Episode 02 | 06 May 2020

Living Trans During C19: An Online Forum

Delivered by ACON in partnership with the National LGBTI Health Alliance, this online forum was all about trans and gender diverse people and allies to learn more about staying safe, well and connected as a trans person in a global pandemic.

Hosted by Teddy Cook, ACON’s Manager Trans and Gender Diverse Health Equity and Liz Duck-Chong, ACON’s Community Health Promotion Officer, Trans and Gender Diverse Health Equity.


  • Lisa Taylor – Sistergirl Elder, advocate and community organiser
  • Panda Cheong – Psychologist, community leader, artist, amazing person
  • Eloise Brook – Media Manager, Gender Centre
  • Mish Pony – LGBTI Health Alliance TGD Specialist Advisor, trans rep – Scarlet Alliance and board member – AFAO
  • Cristyn Davies – Senior Research Fellow, Child and Adolescent Health, Westmead Children’s Hospital
  • Dr Martina Gleeson – Gender affirming GP




Episode 03 | 13 May 2020

Delivering Programs During Pandemics: New and Old Solutions

Ruan Uys | Bobby Goldsmith Foundation

Ruan Uys (Programs, Bobby Goldsmith Foundation) joins Isa Keatinge (Communications, Media and Membership, LGBTI Health Alliance) to talk all things program promotiopns and service delivery: new technology, rural vs urban, facilitation, partnerships and Mr Gay Pride 2020.




Episode 04 | 20 May 2020

The impact of Coronavirus on LGBTI People in Oceania (ILGA)

Dr Vanessa Lee | ILGA Oceania 

This week of May we were joined by Dr Vanessa Lee. Our representative to the ILGA Oceania Board, Vanessa has over 20 years ofadvocacy and volunteer work on the social issues that contribute to the burden of disease for Indigenous youth, women and the sexuality and gender diverse community. She has actively challenged government policies to positively address the needs of Indigenous people and the sexuality and gender diverse populations. 


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