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    The MindOUT program is excited to welcome guests to share personal experiences as multicultural LGBTQ+ people, as well as insights from latest research, and more. Topics covered will include: 

    • Challenges with access to healthcare services, in particular in mental health
    • Distinctive cultural, religious, and sexual identity challenges and their health outcomes
    • Need for an intersectional approach to understanding the lived experiences of individuals with stigmatised identities
    • Tips for fostering culturally supportive environments for gay men of diverse ethnic backgrounds in Australia and beyond.

    When? Tuesday, 25th June at 1:00 - 2:00 pm (AEST)

    Register? Follow this link: Webinar registration - Zoom

    Questions? Please get in touch with any questions: [email protected] 

    Presenter's joining us include:

    Bernard Saliba (he / him)

    Bernard Saliba

    Bernard Saliba is an early career academic researcher and lecturer of Public Health in the School of Public Health within the Faculty of Health, University of Technology Sydney. As a Lecturer, Bernard's main role is subject designer, developer, and coordinator across a number of disciplines in the Bachelor of Public Health (formerly Health Science) program. He teaches across topics ranging from health promotion, communication and diversity, global human rights and health inequity, to technology and culture in health. Bernard has been involved in a number of research publications and conference presentations both locally and globally. 

    Bernard is completing his PhD at the Kirby Institute, which aims to explore the ways in which culture impacts health. Specifically, he is looking at how the intersectionality of ethnicity, religion, and sexuality, influences community connectedness and access to HIV and other health services for gay, bisexual, queer, and other men who have sex with men (GBQMSM) from Arab backgrounds. Bernard works as a lecturer at the UTS School of Public Health.

    Sekneh Beckett (she / her)

    Sekneh (she/her) is coloured by her Lebanese-Muslim heritage. She was born on the unceded land of the Dahrug people and currently resides in the Gadigal people's country, part of the mighty Euro nation. As a senior registered psychologist with over two decades of clinical experience, she not only practices but also teaches at universities nationally and internationally.

    Sekneh is passionately dedicated to her work with people navigating diverse aspects of their identities, including bodies, cultures, religions, genders, sexes, and sexualities. Her innovative approach involves the concept of 'inviting people to come-in,' offering an alternative narrative to the universal notion of 'coming-out.'

    Beyond her professional pursuits, Sekneh finds joy in playing competitive team sports, exploring foreign films, and immersing herself in books and nature. She can be contacted via


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    Evidence shows that overall, LGBTIQ+ young people experience higher rates of mental ill-health, suicidal thoughts and behaviour, as compared with their heterosexual and cisgender peers. These experiences are compounded by poor access to and engagement with services, and services which are often poorly equipped to cater to their specific needs. 

    We will be joined by lead investigator, Penelope Strauss, Research Fellow in Youth Suicide Prevention at the Telethon Kids Institute to discuss the latest updates in the implementation of their Suicide prevention guidelines for LGBTQA+ young people

    These guidelines outline best practice for suicide prevention in LGBTQA+ young people, targeting both clinical and community service providers. Implementation of these guidelines in service settings throughout Australia has the potential to improve the care received by LGBTQA+ young people who are experiencing suicidal ideation and/or engaging in suicidal behaviours. Register now for this webinar here:

    Webinar Registration - Zoom

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