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Genders, Bodies and Relationships Passport

The Genders, Bodies and Relationships Passport is a tool to support clear communication between intersex, trans and gender diverse people, and health and social care services. The passport provides important information about a person’s gender/s, body, and relationships in a single location. 

We developed the Passport based on requests and feedback from people and organisations. Individuals told us about issues they faced when important aspects of their genders and bodies were not understood and included in their care. Organisations told us that they found it difficult to know how to ask about sensitive information in ways that were respectful and inclusive. 

The Passport is designed to help people to get quality care and help organisations to achieve inclusive practice. 

LGBTIQ+ Health Australia acknowledges the original concept and content creators Dr Gávi Ansara and Warren Summers.

Please note, LGBTIQ+ Health Australia are unable to send Gender, Bodies and Relationships Passports internationally at this time. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

How does the Passport work?

The Passport includes information about the rights of intersex, trans and gender diverse people. It has space for people to include information about themselves that may affect their care, including: 

  • language preferences
  • preferences for gendered facilities 
  • health and medication requirements
  • intimate care and privacy concerns
  • emergency contact information
  • end of life care. 

The Passport can be used in a wide variety of settings. It can be used in reception areas, community spaces, during intake meetings or history taking. It can help create dialogue, reduce awkwardness, and ensure consistent quality of care between services. 

For organisations, the Passport combines with your diversity, equity and inclusion strategies. 

For individuals, it can be used like a ‘medic alert’ bracelet – “just in case” or as a way to start a conversation with a care provider about your individual needs.

How do I get a passport?

You order copies of the passport below, or view a sample copy


Order now

Individuals may order one free copy of the passport. 

Organisations may order in packs of ten. Costs will vary according to your organisation’s budget.

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