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Full Member Benefits

Access to Members’ Area

All staff of our member organisations, who subscribe on our website, will now be provided with access to the members’ area on our website.

Staff must subscribe: https://www.lgbtiqhealth.org.au/subscribe

The members’ area allows for collaboration, FAQs, comments and events to added to the national calendar. Members can also submit news for selection in our newsletters. Not all news will be able to be included but we’ll do our best to promote and share your submissions.

Subscribers, must have staff email addresses, and we process new staff members weekly.

Confirmed members can access the area: https://www.lgbtiqhealth.org.au/members_area

Questions or technical issues contact [email protected]

Digital branding

This website is run by a member of LGBTIQ+ Health Australia, click to verify”, and the logo must also link to our member directory: https://www.lgbtiqhealth.org.au/member_directoryThis website is run by a member of LGBTIQ+ Health Australia, click to verify. This website is run by a member of LGBTIQ+ Health Australia, click to verify.This website is run by a member of LGBTIQ+ Health Australia, click to verify.

We ask our members to add the appropriate Member Certification logos to their website footer.

Member Certification please include the alt text: “This website is run by a member of LGBTIQ+ Health Australia, click to verify”, and the logo must link to our member directory: https://www.lgbtiqhealth.org.au/member_directory

For questions regarding memberships email: [email protected]

Share your news using #LGBTIQHealthAu

National Network Meeting

Hot topic discussions, external speakers, polls, LGBTIQ+ health, held quarterly.

Policy Webinars

Please join us for regular monthly webinars that bring together leading researchers and policy makers to explore issues related to LGBTIQ+ health.

Participants in the live webinars will be able to watch the presenter via video link and ask questions via an instant message program. The recordings will be available later to watch at your convenience.

We invite you to propose topics and speakers to make these webinars interesting, provocative, informative and helpful.

Members have free priority access to the webinars through direct invitations and online our members portal.

National Programs

Contribute to programs via working groups and advisory committees.

Contribute National News

We encourage members to access the members’ area on our website to submit news and events for sharing with other members, and for selection within monthly newsletters, with 4000+ subscribers. The members’ area is now available at:


News will be selected for inclusion in our newsletters based on relevance for our national member base.

Events published here will instantly be accessible for other members. We encourage members to manage their own event registrations by directing interested guests to your organisation’s website or event page.

Policies and Research

Contribute to policy and research via working groups and advisory committees. 

Members are invited to contribute directly to the work of LGBTIQ+ Health Australia to provide an informed national voice on policy related to the health and wellbeing of people with same-gender attractions and/or relationships, people of trans experience, and people with intersex variations.

Using formal and informal consultation mechanisms, LGBTIQ+ Health Australia will invite members to contribute to policy development and submissions. We invite member organisations to nominate a representative to collaborate directly with our policy and research team.

Members are invited to seek support on their policy and research work, or to propose action on new or emerging policy and research topics.

  • LGBTIQ+ Health Australia will email members to invite input on policy and research topics.
  • Members can directly contact the Policy and Research Team.
  • Members will be invited to nominate for working groups and advisory committees

Contact James Zanotto, Policy and Research Manager: [email protected]

Discounted Conferences

10% Discount to our Health and Difference and LGBTI Ageing Conferences.

10% Discount Books

Hares & Hyenas – https://www.hares-hyenas.com.au/

The discount offered at this shop is 10% and applies to the following:

  • Books
  • Café

Items where the discount does not apply are as follows:

  • Books on sale
  • DVD’s and magazines
  • Consignment stock
  • Events
  • Tickets

To ensure you get the discount, please do either of the following:

  • Complete your online order, pay the full rate and put in the notes that you are a member of LGBTIQ+ Health Australia. Hares & Hyenas will then calculate your discount and refund the difference.
  • Call Hares & Hyenas on 03 9495 6589 during business hours and carry out the transaction over the phone.
  • Email your order with payment details to Hares & Hyenas at [email protected]

Rabble Books and Games

A 10% discount has also been offered for purchasing online with Rabble Books and Games.  Their web site is www.rabblebooksandgames.com.au.  Members are required to create an account and then they need to contact the shop directly on 08 6244 1841 or via email at [email protected] stating you are a member of LGBTIQ+ Health Australia so the shop can apply the discount to the newly created online account.  This should be done prior to your first purchase to ensure the 10% discount is applied with all of your purchases.

Full Member CEO Benefits

Full members leadership roundtable:

Monthly online meeting for all full members, with an external chair.

Access to member coordination portal

Coordination of CEO full member schedules, voting and meeting agendas. An invitation and onboarding to this platform will be provided to the CEO of each full member organisation. 

LHA's CEO Policy and Advocacy Report

Monthy email update that will be sent via the Member Coordination Portal, Our Cat Herder, to Full Member CEOs.

Vote at LHA's AGM 

Full voting rights at the LGBTIQ+ Health Australia’s AGM. Invitations and information will be sent via the Member Coordination Portal, Our Cat Herder, to Full Member CEOs. 

National CEOs’ Symposium

Normally a face-to-face meeting, held yearly alongside the AGM, to create a series of sessions (meetings/gatherings) for Full Members to encourage their travel and direct engagement with the LGBTIQ+ Health Australia and their peers.

Held prior to the AGM. 
This session for Full Members only - invitations via our Member Coordination Portal, Our Cat Herder, to Full Member CEOs. 

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ABOUT LGBTIQ+ Health Australia
LGBTIQ+ Health Australia, (formerly the National LGBTI Health Alliance), is the national peak health organisation in Australia for organisations and individuals that provide health-related programs, services and research focused on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer people and other sexuality, gender and bodily diverse (LGBTIQ+) people and communities. Dropping the “+” from our name only occurs within digital formats that do not allow mathematical symbols, such as within our domain name, handles and hashtags.
LGBTIQ+ Health Australia acknowledges the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia, their diversity, histories and knowledge and their continuing connections to land and community. We pay our respects to all Australian Indigenous Peoples and their cultures, and to Elders of past and present.