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Health and Wellbeing Services: COVID-19

We hope the referrals below can support your service to continue delivering to lgbti communities during the covid-19 viral pandemic.

The Alliance is acutely aware of the hardship facing organisations providing essential services and programs to LGBTI communities at this time. Many people across LGBTI communities rely on daily medication, for example, people living with HIV, as well as trans and gender diverse people who are accessing gender affirming hormonal care, as we noted in a recent statement with AFAO here.

It is well evidenced that LGBTI people experience higher rates of chronic health conditions such as cancer, which means that many are at risk of serious illness if they acquire COVID-19. It is also vital that the health system is able to ensure that each person has access to at least two months’ supply to see them through a potential lockdown or periods of self-isolation

We would like to reach out and support you as best we can. So that we can respond in a meaningful way, we ask that you to complete this survey. We hope the referrals below will be useful to ensuring you can continue to work with our community.

See how our programs are adapting to the new constraints of COVID-19 here.

No matter what care your service provides, it is likely you care for LGBTI people: #ConnectWithCommunity

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The pressure on our health system is immense and we must all contribute to reducing infections.

Our important work continues across ageing and aged care, disability, mental health and suicide prevention and LGBTI health more broadly. Please see the regularly updated National LGBTI Health Alliance Program and Policy here.

Please see our referral pages for COVID-19:



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