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LGBTI Organisations and Policy: COVID-19

This is a central place for LGBTI organisations (the full members of LGBTIQ+ Health Australia) that are working to support LGBTI people throughout the changing COVID-19 environment.

‘There are three factors that make LGBT+ people more vulnerable to coronavirus: the prevalence of smoking in the LGBT+ community, higher rates of HIV and cancer, and barriers to healthcare that mean LGBT+ people are reluctant to seek medical treatment’, states this open letter from over 100 renowned American LGBTI and Health Organisations (March 11, New York City). 

It is well evidenced in Australia that LGBTI people experience higher rates of chronic health conditions such as cancer, which means that many are at risk of serious illness if they acquire COVID-19. You can read our joint statement with AFAO here.

Connecting these populations to care is made more difficult by the pervading structural access barriers to high quality and culturally safe healthcare LGBTI people still experience including actual and perceived discrimination and stigma when accessing services including primary health care.

We hope these resources might help your community to #ConnectWithCare

Commonwealth Department of Health Resources:

Clinical Resources:

LGBTI and Community Health:

Sex Work:

Indigenous Health Services

Disability Support:

In-Language and Translated Resources:

Intersex Support:

Trans and Gender Diverse:

Mental Health and Wellbeing:

Older LGBTI People:

Aged Care Sector:

Rainbow Ageing is a national research project that aims to provide new data on the health and well-being of older lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Australians, led by the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society (ARCSHS) at La Trobe University. The project is funded by the Australian Research Council and involves four partner organisations, including LGBTIQ+ Health Australia, COTA AustraliaSANE Australia, and Carers AustraliaThere will be 14 articles published in all. Here are the first 5.

Communicating Corona:

Organisational and Corporate Support:

Workplace resourcing (WWDA):

Diversity Council of Australia: excellent research and tools!

Domestic and Family Violence: 

Due to social distancing and self isolation requirements, many women and children may be more susceptible to experiencing violence and abuse: Royal Commission into Disability Abuse statement on COVID-19.

Legal Aid:

And While You’re Here:


Australian Data here is based on media reports and verified with updates from state and federal health departments: 

The pressure on our health system is immense and we must all contribute to reducing infections.

Our important work continues across ageing and aged care, disability, mental health and suicide prevention and LGBTI health more broadly. Please see the regularly updated LGBTIQ+ Health Australia Program and Policy here.

Please see our referral pages for COVID-19:



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