LGBTIQ+ Health Australia (LHA) has called for rigorous evidence over opinions to ensure that trans and gender diverse young people have access to the care they need, at the right time, where they live. - LGBTIQ+ Health Australia

LHA calls for rigorous evidence over opinions to ensure that trans and gender diverse young people have access to the care they need, at the right time, where they live.

LHA firmly opposes harmful misinformation that endangers the lives and mental health of trans and gender diverse individuals. These unfounded claims perpetuate stigma and isolation, disregarding the overwhelming consensus within the medical and psychological communities. 

LHA calls on governments to invest in multidisciplinary care, including peer and social support and ethical research with the community, to improve services and reduce waiting lists.

Studies consistently show that denying access to gender affirming care, and subjecting trans and gender diverse young people to hostility that negatively impacts their mental health. Depression, anxiety, self-harm, and suicidality rates are a result of barriers to care, discrimination, and stigma.

LHA CEO Nicky Bath said communities must foster inclusive and supportive environments, free from hate speech and misinformation, to protect the lives of trans and gender diverse young people. 

“Access to appropriate and affirming healthcare, including gender affirming care, saves lives and improves mental health outcomes,” Ms Bath said.

LHA rejects calls for an enquiry into gender affirming care, recognising the harm it will cause. Media outlets, public figures, and community leaders are urged to report responsibly, reject discrimination, and prioritise the well-being of young trans and gender diverse individuals.

According to Ms Bath Australia has an insufficient number of gender affirming care providers. 

“The clinicians and allied health providers that work in this space operate in hostile environments, are poorly funded and are continuously inappropriately critiqued. Affirming care services that include peer support need to be adequately funded for the work they do,” Ms Bath said.

LHA is grateful to the brave young trans people who spoke about their lives, their families who love and support them and extends the deepest sympathy to Noah’s family. 

MEDIA CONTACT: Tammy Wayne-Elliot, Managing Director, Fifty Acres, 0414 428 440

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