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Ageing Fabulously: A podcast for the aged care sector

A podcast from LGBTIQ+ Health Australia giving aged care workers insight into issues important to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) older people.

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  • Hear about the issues that matter to LGBTI older people
  • Learn how to develop LGBTI-inclusive practices
  • Improve knowledge for supporting LGBTI older people

Ageing Fabulously is designed in a bite-sized format, especially for busy aged care workers. Short episodes are discussion-focused and include guests with living experience and who give real-world tips and strategies for providing inclusive care to LGBTI older people.

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Hosted by Maeve Marsden, writer and theatre maker, perhaps best known for producing national storytelling project Queerstories for the last eight years. She is the Creative Director of Varuna, the National Writers' House, and the Blue Mountains Writers' Festival.

Episode 1. Introduction to LGBTI aged care

In this episode, Maeve is joined by Teresa Savage to explain some basic terms needed for working with older LGBTI people. They will unpack the LGBTI acronym and explain why language is so important.

Episode 2. Inclusive language

In this episode, Maeve is joined by Amber Loomis. They discuss pronouns and how to ask the pronoun question. They will also discuss the evolution of language in LGBTI communities and give insights into the negative impact of using incorrect language and how this can be avoided. 

Episode 3. Families of choice

LGBTI older people may have unique family structures. Maeve and guests, Mez Newman and John Guppy, explain the terms 'family of choice' and 'family of origin'. Understanding these concepts can assist services to be more inclusive of diverse families.

Episode 4. Palliative Care

Maeve is joined by Ashwin Kaniah and Michelle Wicky to talk about palliative care for LGBTI older people including how to have good conversations around palliative care with LGBTI older people and practical ways to deal with LGBTI specific family conflict. They will discuss the importance for aged care workers to understand LGBTI older people’s experience in accessing palliative care services.

Episode 5. Older transgender people

This episode features Maeve in conversation with Jess Hooley and Karen Menzies. They talk about gender, what it means to be transgender and how transgender older people might feel about entering aged care. They also discuss ways to provide inclusive care to transgender people in aged care (listen to a highlight here).

Episode 6. Growing older with HIV

Maeve speaks with Greg Horn and Ruan Uys. They explain some terminology and bust the myths around HIV. They also talk about common fears around aged care for older people with HIV and how these can be addressed (listen to a highlight here).

Ageing Fabulously is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts……We hope you enjoy listening!

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